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- Douglas Scharre, MD
- Anahita Adeli, MD
- Shu-ing Chang, PharmD
- Rebecca Davis, RN, LISW
- Maria Kataki, MD, PhD
- Brendan Kelley, MD
- Renee Kovesci, MS, CNP
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- Jennifer Icenhour, BA
- Kelly Ortman, BA
- Nicole Vrettos, BS
- Meredith Wessner, MA

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Alzheimer's Disease Research Fund in Neurology

The mission of the Memory Disorders Clinic at the Ohio State University Medical Center includes conducting research in improving the diagnosis and eventual cure of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other related memory disorders.

s-6A research fund has been set up to provide an opportunity for individuals, families, and organizations to become a part of the cure by donating funds to help facilitate and support the research efforts here in the Memory Disorders Clinic. This money is used directly for research conducted at Ohio State. The research has provided substantial benefits to the local Ohio patients and families that participated in the studies and has contributed important knowledge regarding Alzheimer's disease and other dementing conditions to the research community and the world.

The generous contributions and memorials, large and small, from individuals to this fund have gone a long way in supporting our important research projects. Some of our current research projects include:

Researchers include Douglas W. Scharre, M.D.; Maria Kataki, M.D., Ph.D.; Rebecca A. Davis, R.N., L.I.S.W.; Shu-Ing Chang, Pharm.D.; Nicoleta Stoicea, C.N.P.; Nancy Theado-Miller, Jennifer Grothouse B.A.; Jennifer Icenhour, B.A.; Erin Keddie, M.P.H.

For further information regarding the studies, please call:
Jennifer Icenhour at (614) 293-6882.

For donation information, please contact OSU Medical Center Development, 660 Ackerman Road, 6th Floor, P.O. Box 183112, Columbus, Ohio  43218-3112

The account number for the Alzheimer's Disease Research Fund in Neurology is 302185. Thank you for your consideration and generosity.