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Appointments and Referrals

- Punit Agrawal, DO
- Barbara Changizi, MD
- Sandra Kostyk, MD, PhD
- Shannon Linder, RN, MSN, CNP
- Andrea Malone, DO
- Kathleen Moore, CNP
- Ariane Park, MD, MPH

Research Staff
- Allison Daley, MS, CGC
- Kathleen Ambrogi, CNP

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Madden Parkinson's Center

The mission of the Madden Parkinson's Center Parkinson’s Disease at The Ohio State University since its inception in 1994 has been to seek out the causes and cures for Parkinson’s Disease. The philosophy of the Center is to provide exceptional medical care, new treatments, education and social support services by working cooperatively with community organizations and other healthcare facilities to create a "center without walls". Medical care includes conventional treatments, as well as industry sponsored investigational drug trials for Parkinson's disease. These trials enable patients to access treatment options that would not be otherwise available in the Ohio Valley region.

About Parkinson's Disease