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- Jacquelyne Cios, MD
- Sheri Cotterman-Hart, MD, PhD
- Charles Hall, MD, PhD
- Meena Khan, MD
- Lucretia Long, MS, RN, CANP
- James McAuley, RPh, PhD
- Jesse Mindel, MD
- Bassel Shneker, MD
Research Staff
- Janet Renner, REEGT
- Stephanie Scarberry, RN

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Neurophysiology Division

Neurophysiology encompasses a wide variety of modalities to evaluate patients.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the study of electrical activity measured from the brain either on the scalp or from the brain itself. EEG is employed to evaluate and manage a variety of patients including epilepsy patients and to assess patients who are unresponsive. EEG is used to monitor patients for some types of neurosurgery including deep brain stimulation. Dr. J. Layne Moore serves as the medical director of the EEG laboratory.

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) is our state of the art center for evaluating epilepsy patients that employs extensive use of EEGs and computers along with full-time EEG technologists. Patients are brought into the EMU for evaluation of episodes of loss of consciousness or diagnostically challenging spells. Patients are also brought in to localize seizures for surgery. Dr. Bassel Shneker serves as the medical director of the EMU.

Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM) encompassing different modalities to aid surgeons who are operating on or near the central nervous system in an attempt to provide a greater margin of safety for such surgeries. Surgeons at The Ohio State University hospitals have full time 24 hours per day IOM available for surgeries that require it. Dr. Sheri Cotterman-Hart serves as the medical director of this program.

Sleep Medicine is a multidisciplinary specialty that encompasses problems with excessive daytime sleepiness and problems falling asleep and maintaining sleep. Two of our physicians, Drs. Meena Khan and J. Layne Moore have joint appointments in Sleep and Neurology.